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Welcome to our balance bike store for kids that never closes.  We are a balance bike shop that sells toddler bikes for little ones as young as 18 months of ages up through kids 12 years of age. 

What is a balance bike?  A balance bike is also known as a glide bike, toddler bike, scoot bike, running bike or a training bike. Our bikes have wheel sizes from 12" - 16"; the most notable characteristic of these bikes are the lack pedals and training wheels.  The lack of those items are why they are so beneficial to children. First, the idea of not having training wheels prevents a child from relying upon training wheels to stay upright and doesn't teach balance.  Many children fear training wheels because the bike feels tippy when alternating on the right or left training wheel.  When teaching a child to ride a bike we are not as interested in teaching the pedaling aspect as we are balance and coordination.  Balance is taught by allowing the children to scoot at their pace and be able to place their feet to the ground immediately when they feel uncomfortable or about to tip over.  In addition to teaching balance; balance bikes help teach coordination, promote confidence and in children with disabilities it removes barriers.

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Woom Balance Bikes
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Woom balance bikes are a marriage of style and quality. They blend cool color schemes, race styled saddles and a graduated sizing system.

Early Rider

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Early Rider balance bikes blend high performance with style.


Yedoo Too Too

Yedoo Too Too
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The Yedoo TooToo is a premium balance bike available in either steel or aluminum frames and include expensive safety features at an affordable price.


Ridgeback Scoot

Ridgeback Scoot
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Ridgeback balance bikes are the best bikes on the market in our opinion. That's because they are truly made like real bikes from a real bike company.



Kinderbike Balance Bikes
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The Kinderbike Laufrad is one of our favorite balance bikes.  We've been selling this brand since 2009.  The bike has great features at an unbelievable price.


Firstbike Balance Bikes
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Firstbike balance bikes feature composite molded frames that are nearly indestructible and very lightweight.


Budget Balance Bikes ($99 or Less)

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Looking for a balance bike on a strict budget.  Browse or selection of cheap balance bikes (cheap in price, not quality).


Stampede Bikes

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Stampede Bikes (formerly Tykes Bykes) are great bikes that won't break the bank.  Models with 12" and 16" wheels to fit a wide range of kids.


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Choosing a kids bike is more than just picking your child's favorite color.  We not only sell the best kids bikes and balance bikes, but we are here to help you make an educated purchase. When purchasing a balance bike or pedal bike we stress checking out our articles on balance bike sizing that gives insight on what to look for when choosing the proper bike size. We also have a brief step-by-step guide to buying a balance bike along with a catagory containing all of our balance bikes here.


Having been in the business of selling balance bikes and kids bikes since 2009, gives us an edge on our competitors - hands on experience with every bike we sell along with knowledge of the many other brands of bikes we have sold in the past.  We have a selection of bikes that meets our strict quality requirements along with prices to fit most budgets.  Shop our great selection of balance bikes from Cleary, Ridgeback, Saracen, Yedoo, Kinderbike and WOOM. Shop our ever-expanding selection of kids pedal bikes.  We feature kids bikes ranging in size from 12 inch thru 20 inch.  Our featured pedal bikes are from Cleary, Ridgeback, WOOM and ByK.

Featured Brands